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Next Sale Wednesday

November 29th @ 11:30am

20 Blk strs/hfrs-500-525# 1rd

25 Blk strs/hfrs 475-525# 1 rd

18 strs/hfrs 550-600#

10 Blk strs/hfrs 600-625#pc

150-200 by Sale time

Saturday December 2nd

COW SALE Starting at 11:30am

30 Angus Cows 4-7 yrs old

Bred to start Calving April 1st

Bred to: Purebred XAngus Bulls

Cows mostly sired by AI Bulls

from ABS-Chinook-Patriarch-Rockmount or Absolute

Easy going, quite easy to handle

60 Blk 5-9 yr- March 1 calving

50 Blk/Red 4-6 yr- March 1 calving

30 XBred 4-6 yr- March 15 calving

25 Blk/Bwf 9-10 yr- March 1 calving

38 Blk  1st Calf Hfrs 

25 Blk 4-9 yr old

15  Bred Bllk March 15th calving 6-9 Yr

10 Red Angus, Bred red, 3-6 Yr Feb 1st calving

6 C/C pair

6 Bred Blk March 15th calving 7-9 yr old

10 Blk Aged Cows -April 1st Calving

5 Limousin Hfrs-Suitable for breeding- w/shots

15 Blk/Bwf -Bred Black Angus Bull-March 1 Calving

15 Blk Cows 8-10 yrs old-March 15th calving

8   Hfrs March 15th calving

3 Yr Old Blk Bull-Registered/Tri-K L Charm Konquest 304-Papers on Hand

1  3 Yr Old Blk Bull-registered/Byergo Valentino 134-Papers on Hand

2  1 1/2 yr Old Hereford Bulls

40 Blk 3-6 yr Old Cows March 15th calving very quite nice set of Cows, Great Disposition, easy to handle, 


Nice set of outstanding Big Hfrs, good disposition, all off the O'Rourke Ranch in South Dakota AI Bred with ultrasound dates

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